Computer logic

In a world where technology is playing an even larger role keeping us connected I’m reminded of a poem I wrote last October.

It occurred to me that no computer in the world can compare to the human brain, the irregular deep furrowed grey lump, that is one of the mysteries that still puzzles scientists and holds deep secrets. Ken has said he would like to donate his to science, if could help unlock the causes of Alzheimer’s it would be a gift greater than any other to the children of the world.

Scientists are playing a huge role at the moment, locked in laboratories testing samples that will be the key to halting covid19. An opportunity to now to say thank you to all.

Anyway back to the poem, and you will see I’m not expert in IT terminology but hopefully the message is clear.

Computer logic

If I’d backed up my thoughts on hard drive

Or memories on a stick

I could reboot my brain and start again

With processes sharp and quick

Any viruses would be overcome

All connections would be good

I’d search for words on the internet

So my answers were understood

There wouldn’t be breaks in transmission

Or deletion of files in error

I’d save all the data that matters

And banish that every day terror

My photos would all be in albums

Stored with the relevant name

Oh, I wish I’d backed up my hardrive

And could have my brain reset


One day there will be a cure, combined with the present situation things are so difficult for Ken. He is insistent that he watches the daily updates from the government and though not able to process the numbers, absorbs the tension, anxiety and seriousness. He is afraid, and constantly seeks reassurance, I just tell him we are following the rules and the him- me -mum -chain locked down early, we are doing the best we can.

A long chat with my sister after working her first shift on the ward disturbed me yesterday, it is as bad as reported, the worst thing being that the all her nursing instincts to care are curtailed, minimal interaction, an incredibly emotional toll for patients and staff.

Whatever happens we have to stay home, my nursing skills may be implemented after all. Mum and Ken have already made their decision. Ken made an advance decision about ventilators some years ago lodged with his GP.

Suddenly everyone is thinking about their future.

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